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At Parkhaven we take great pride in serving "The Greatest Generation". It is a great honor to provide friendship, kindness and love along with the physical needs of those who have given those of us who are younger the lives we enjoy today. Our goal is to cater  to every level of need, be it providing freedom from household upkeep and transportation, assistance with activities of daily living and dementia care. Every level of need is our top priority and is treated with respect. There is so much to learn from our elders and we honor each resident's history and who they are today.

Having someone to love is family

Having somewhere to go is home

Having both is a blessing

Dear Crystal & Everyone at Parkhaven- Thank you for making Mom's life so much better. It's not easy caring for people as they age, but you made Mom feel welcome & respected. Your friendship was very important to her but your respect made her feel normal & worthy. We will never be able to thank you appropriately. Mom was a very interesting & fun loving person and her time at Parkhaven and the people there allowed her to maintain that to the end. We miss her but we look forward to seeing her again. Stay in touch-
Pat Asay and family
Resident since 2012

Parkhaven Press