Dear Families and Friends,


We are happy to announce that our Baseline/Surveillance Testing came back with all Staff and Residents being negative for Covid-19. Staff will continue to test on a weekly basis and a resident will only be re-tested if they are showing any symptoms.

As you have heard Assisted Livings have been cleared to open to visitors with very strict guidelines. We have done our best to follow each and every mandate that has been given to us and we will continue to do so. Our hyper vigilance will help to ensure that your loved one is safe and well cared for. We understand how difficult this has been for everyone involved and we appreciate your continued support during this re-opening by following all guidelines that you will receive in this letter. 

At this time we have set up a visiting room that will allow resident and guest to visit inside while following ALL of the mandated guidelines. The guidelines for visitations are listed below.


  • ALL visits must be scheduled beforehand. This will allow adequate time between visitors to properly clean and disinfect.
  • Covid-19 questionnaire completed and all visitors are symptom free
  • Face masks or Face Shield must be worn by visitors at all times
  • Limit of 2 visitors at a time
  • No one under that age of 18
  • No out of state visitors will be allowed into the building
  • During visitation, physical distancing of 6 ft must be maintained at all times
  • Due to the risk of exposure, holding hands, hugging, kissing, or other physical contact is not allowed during family visits.
  • NO outside visits are allowed at this time as social distancing has not been maintained during these visits.


We are required to submit a letter to the Health Department insuring that we can and will follow the regulations that we have been given. Your cooperation in following the guidelines listed above will help us continue to stay open for scheduled visits.



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Parkhaven Retirement & Assisted Living is here to make your life easier…

At parkhaven we take great pride in serving “The Greatest Generation”. It is a great honor to provide friendship, kindness and love along with the physical needs of those who have given those of us who are younger the lives we enjoy today. Our goal is to cater to every level of need, be it providing freedom from household upkeep and transportation, assistance with activities of daily living and dementia care. Every level of care is our top priority and is treated with respect. There is so much to learn from our elders and we honor each resident’s history and who they are today.  

Having someone to love is family,

Having somewhere to go is home,

Having both is a blessing.

“High Tea Time”

Independent Cottage Homes, Assisted Living & Memory Care

Our Mission at Parkhaven Retirement & Assisted Living is to provide seniors an affordable, warm, home-like environment and services which reflect and support independence, dignity, choice, privacy, and individually meeting the needs and preferences of all residents.

Parkhaven’s Independent Cottage homes offer the perfect living place for independent seniors who want to maintain a rich and rewarding lifestyle without the work and worry of owning a home. Here you will be part of rich, vibrant and cozy community. You will meet new friends, and don’t forget to invite the family. At Parkhaven, staff are always close by to support this rich and rewarding lifestyle.

Assisted Living at Parkhaven is designed for seniors who wish to maintain their independent lifestyle but may need some additional assistance to do so. We offer a wide variety of services and amenities to support your needs and desires. Our on-site trained staff provides care and assistance to our residents 24-hours each day. Parkhaven is a licensed assisted living community.

In addition, Parkhaven offers Memory Care and Short-term respite stay. Our staff have specialized dementia care training and our wander guard system allows our residents to stay in familiar surroundings as their memory declines. One-on-one care, meal assistance, specialized activities and safety checks are just a few of the specialized care offered for those living with dementia. 

Contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour.



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